Sunday, April 23, 2006

Care of Needle Felt Hats

Needle felted 100% wool hats are reasonably durable. With a little care these hats will stay fresh and beautiful for many years. Most needle felted hats will hold their shape when taken off the head and set on a shelf or hat stand. Piling coats, scarves, other hats on top of them can squish a needle felted hat out of shape. It may or may not have the resilience to spring back into the original shape. Crushing a needle felted hat or rolling it into a pocket or purse will tend to create stress lines; push edges out of shape; or create weak areas that can develop into holes. The hat will keep it’s shape nicely if stored on a hat form. Let the top of the hat rest on the form with the rim of the hat hanging free.

If the hat needs reshaping, steam it heavily without touching the iron to the hat. Steam until moisture and heat are present in the hat . Put the hat on the head, pat with hands to shape and leave in place on the head until the hat is completely dry. The head can be the actual head of the wearer or a wooden or plastic hat block of the appropriate size and shape. Or towels rolled around a pressing ham or stuffed into a pillow case to form the desired shape.


CraftyPerson said...

I'm curious. Does "needle-felted hat" mean that it wasn't wet-felted? Did you just sit (or stand there) shoving felting needles in it al lday long.
Please explain.

Glorious Hats said...

Yes, it as done entirely by poking barbed needles into the wool. No wet felting on the one shown.

Someitmes I do needle felt first, then wet felt it to achieve a different textured surface.