Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cleaning a Needle Felt Hat

Cleaning a needle felted hat is simple. Remove lint and grime with an adhesive lint roller. Or vacuum gently with a soft bristle attachment - the kind for cleaning computer keyboards or sewing machines work very nicely. Most needle felted hats can tolerate being turned inside out to use the roller or the vacuum wand easily on the inside. Just don't leave the hat inside out. Turn it back so the right side is out, place the hat on a hat form in an open area to air and refresh it. This is often all the cleaning it will need.

One can often lift imbedded grime to the surface, by placing the hat in a freezer for 10 minutes or longer. Then use the adhesive lint roller or vacuum to remove the dirt.

If it seems it must be deep cleaned, try dry cleaning to retain it’s characteristics. If one choses to try water washing, use cool water and no agitation. Hand wash with Eucalan or other no rinse soap. Put the hat on a head form to dry. It must be padded smoothly and fully filled out because it will assume the shape of the form as it dries. Pat to shape over the head form. Be aware that washing a needle felted hat with even cool water may cause the hat to felt more, become smaller, and develop a stiffer crust.

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CraftyPerson said...

How thoughful to tell us all how to care for your hats.