Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Needle Felted Hats

Everyone who makes needle felted hats seems to develop their own style. But all start with nearly raw sheep fleece. Most of us begin with already processed - cleaned and carded wool fiber (batt or roving). Then a wicked barbed needle is used to punch into a layer of fiber causing the wool to stick together. We poke it, we shape it, we turn it, again and again until the hat develops.

To learn more about needle felting in general, check out this tutorial on Craftster Needle Felting TUTORIAL tools, fiber, basic steps And yes, GraceOblivious is me.

My goal with needle felted hats is to create a durable yet soft hat where the brim edge is crisp. Hats that can take daily use and with a minimum of care not be crushed or ruined, are warm, give good face and are fun to wear. Pretty as well as functional.

Needle felt hats:
  • don't much like being rolled up and stuffed in a pocket
  • remain looking best if stored on a hat stand with the brim hanging free
  • can be cleaned with an adhesive lint roller or gently vacuumed with a soft brush attachment

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