Saturday, May 13, 2006

Business Card Cases

A new line in accessories. Sometimes it is fun to branch off into new areas and needing a business card case for myself tried one out. Working with wool felt, adding laminate needle felted design and beads came up with a pretty, light weight yet durable case. Have field tested one in my purse (the one with the faux pearls and feather charm) for over a month now. It is holding up nicely so concocted a couple more. Will put them out at my booth in "Grandma's Attic" to get an idea of customer response.

Besides the embellishment on the flap, there is a touch of laminate felting on the back.


pinky said...

These look really good! And they are great for any type of crafter to carry business cards in. Wonderful idea!

CraftyPerson said...

What about slightly larger versions for Grandma's Boasting Poch (pics of grandchildren holder) ?