Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Can I wear a Needle Felt hat if I’m sensitive to wool?

The wool is less refined than in many woolen items. It is less processed, closer to the sheep. It has been cleaned and combed - removing dirt, lanolin and vegtable matter. Sometimes it is dyed. Then instead of being spun into yarn it is aggitated with a barbed needle and matts together to form felt.

If you have a sensitivity to wool, needle felt hats, especially ones where the brim can be snugged in and touch the face, the wool can be itchy or irritating. The wool in many needle felt hat feels much like the wool in the Icelandic knit hats - but instead of being knit from yarn, it is felted from fluffy raw wool with a needle.

Hats felted from merino wool tend to be softer and can be worn my many without skin irritation. Merino is a longer finer fiber than many other sheep wools, it is also more expensive.

If you can tolerate the Icelandic knits or roughish wool on your skin needle felted hats are very warm and block the wind.

A lining or internal hat band of grosgrain ribbon may also be added to the hat to keep the wool from touching the skin.

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