Friday, May 19, 2006

Hat pin Source

Here is my latest needle felted hat "Swerls" Swerls is a long cloche, to block the cold winter wind and keep my ears warm - of course it got done just in time for SPRING! But it will be great with lots of my fall and winter coats

And am so excited because in it is a wonderful hand crafted - pounded silver and stone hat pin I got from Dew on a Petal

The pounded silver shaft is too fat for "commercial" felt hats, or densly wet felted hats, but is fine on this needle felted hat and would be great for fulled knit or crocheted hats too.

I love hat pins, but contemporary styles are so hard to find- I saw
Dew On a Petal's store on Etsy with lapel pins and got the big ah-ha lightbulb flashing in my brain. Contacted her and sure enough she was intrigued and happy to make a custom hat pin. And now she is even ordering different silver wire so she can make long pins of smaller diameter and sharper tips. What a super artist!

If you have been looking for contemporary hat pins, run don't walk to meet this lovely beadmaker, metal smith.
Dew on a Petal's Etsy Store


Myra Jennings said...

The Swerls cloche is beautiful. Is it hand-felted and adorned with needle-felting? I am eager to explore felting. So far I have only explored fulling, both intentional and unintentional.

CraftyPerson said...

I love the 1920s, I love spirals and I love the sea - somehow you have brought all three together and even provided a link to some great hatpins.

Glorious Hats said...

Hi Myra, Thanks so much. You might want to start by needle felting designs into one of those fulled items. A nice introduction.

Hi Crafty, So glad Blue Swerls speaks to you. You are welcome for the intro to Dew. Her work is marvelous.