Friday, May 12, 2006

My History with Hats

It all began by being born bald and remaining bald until 1 year of age. Poor mother was horrified at baby Jane’s lack of hair. Well that was the start of the great cover-up. Cotton hats, knit hats, wool hats, straw hats oH, I got to wear them all!!! Thus, hats just seem right; even now, after half a century, and dispite a very full head of hair, a hatless me feels like a naked me.

In kindergarden my greatest accomplishment was creating a wonderous Easter Hat. The tip raised high as it was an oatmeal tub covered with construction paper, the brim was broad. Embellished freely with crepe paper flowers, crepe paper steamers tied under my chin. Oh my this was bliss.

As a young girl playing with a Betsy McCall doll, old cardboard salt cellers became perfect frames for pillbox hats. Betsy was as fashionable as Jackie ‘O, in my hands.

Do you suppose nursing seemed a great career choice because in those days nurse’s still wore white hats? And now living on a farm, one always has an opportunity to don a hat or cap. Cannot drive a tractor if you don’t have a good eyeshade! Matching cap and gloves to rough workclothes is farm chic for sure.

These days, just helping on the farm and no longer working outside the “home,” my passion for designing and crafting hats can be indulged. Between garment sewing and millinery my creative work takes up so much home space, those rooms are now designated a studio.


CraftyPerson said...

Very interesting to know where your obsession with hats came from. You are lucky that having to wear a hat so much when you were very young didn't turn you against them.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I've added you as a link on my millinery site! Hope you approve, if not, let me know...