Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer Scarves - Shawls - Sashes - Belts

What better to compliment fun straw hats than summer scarves? Maybe scarves that can also be shawls or sashes or belts. To that end have been embellishing some mystery vintage fabric from the local Good Will Store. Have made two of the colorful couched ribbon scarf/shawls. One for me and one to sell at Grandma's Attic.

Then braved even newer territory and did a less colorful but more textured scarf/sash/belt. For this one went beyond the sewing maching and added distress work by pounding the fabric with the needle punch machine - similar to a sewing machine in looks, but no thread. Needle punch machines use barbed felting needles - which can be used for felting wool roving and making laminated felt. AND can also be used to tack fabrics together or to rend and distress fabrics. After distressing the hemmed lenght of fabric the ribbon was tacked onto it, then oversewn on a sewing machine using polyester thread. Tassels added to the ends for fun.

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