Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Few Fall Hats

After handbags, back to hats. Trimmed a couple of ready made hats to coordinate with the handbags. Though both can stand alone, it is fun to pull pieces together. The brown was a sad and shabby circa 1980 wool felt - cleaned and renovated. Rather than a straight hat band - an odd shaped scrap of the brown tweed inspired a sewing and somewhat oragami folding that became the unusual hat band. Added a new chenille tassel and a vintage button for more pizzazz. With the new brim flip it became a spirited chapeau.

Next took on a nicely shaped and good condition but plain current Liz Clayborne in Navy Chenille. Fooled around with a hat band and rose bud with stem - but all that was just too much. Sometimes sparce is better - at least that was my tought on this one. So disected the rosebud and stem and appliqued it as shown. Rose bud is made in the same laminate felt technique used on the navy purse.

Last but not least - a special needle felted hat for Nancy ofBaby's Beads We made a wonderous trade - this hat for some of Nancy's jewelry and beads. Will show you those when they arrive.

Now am working on wrist cuffs. Hope to have those ready for showing soon.


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

That first hat makes me wish so very hard that I had a head that looked ok in hats. It is beautiful!!! The others are beautiful too of course, but that brown is my fav! Stunning, just stunning!

Glorious Hats said...
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Glorious Hats said...

Aww, Chipp, really anyone can look great in a hat. It is a matter of finding the right shape, style and fit for personality, face, and head.

Starting with a simple design in a well fitting hat is a great way to start. As one gets more comfortable wearing such a hat, it seems that hattitude develops and stimulates a move into other hats.

One big factor is locating a hat with an oval shape not round. Most of us have oval shape heads, so many of the hats today fit poorly because they are in a circle not an oval.

Hat give me a glorious feeling, that is why the name "Glorious Hats" not because my hats are glorious creations but because the right hat can make a person feel glorious. Ah yes, am a true hat fanatic and affectioniado.

Verito said...

Ohhh Grace!!! the green hat it's wonderful... awsome!!! I love it!!!

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Verrito, you are so sweet.