Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vintage Napkins into mi' Lady's Reticules

Making cool things from vintage stuff is one of my big joys. I love the feel, the history, the sense of old stuff and bringing it back to use in a new and different way. Was fortunate to acquire a number of nice unstained table napkins at local auction early this spring. And have been folding, stitching, stringing them - adorning them with new or vintage findings (mostly vintage findings) and turning them into little pouches. This set turned out sweet, IMHO, so have titled them mi' Lady's Reticules.

Now tell me truly - is that name ridiculous or does it bring images of Victorian Ladies with their beautifully stitched and embellished little pouches? Also thought of the term etui - but that is more of a fancy case as I understand the term. Does the old fashioned name conjure up smiles or is "drawstring pouch" better wording for today?

Figuring out what to call new things is sometimes harder than making them. :)

Have sent the pastel reticule to The Etsy Stall at French Market. Will take one to Grandma's Attic and one destined for Glorious Hats at Etsy. And the race is on! Which one will sell first?


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

I LOVE them! and the name too! They are great. I got a new serger last week and have been making bags similar to this but no cool vintage stuff. The kids can't wait to decorate them for Christmas presents. Anyway, your's are way cooler! Keep the name!
chipper from craftster

ambermoggie said...

delightful and the name is just perfect:))amber in scotland

Glorious Hats said...

Hi again Chipper, Thank you so much. Once your kids get to decorating am sure yours will reign supreme. Love how your children are so involved with your sewing and how much fun you all have making stuff.

Glorious Hats said...

Hi Ambermoggie, Glad to have a new visitor and thrilled you like the name too. Thanks so much.