Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wool Works

Gearing up for fall. Mornings have been cool and crisp this last week, great for setting the mood for fall production. Had started this bag last spring and now returning to it. The blue is a purposely shrunken/fulled wool sweater. (Lots of wool sweaters will full. (Feltmaker's term for shortening and fattening of wool fiber-for those who know me, you know I shudder at the now common practice of calling shrunken wovens, knits, crocheted fabric/items "felted." Thus, on this blog any thing called felt or felted is a non-woven, non-knit, non-crocheted piece) The acid green is purchased wool felt.

Rose design was laminate needle felted into the sweater fabric after fulling. The rose bud was laminate needle felted into woven strips of wool felt. The lining is a heavy cotton twill. The full rose design is adapted from a Yvonne Porcella applique pattern in her book "Six Color World." The purse pattern and rosebud are my own designs. Very simple, but still neat to be able to say "I did it on my own."

The rosebud on the woven felt was placed over a cotton twill pocket so there is a medium size outside pocket that is durable and usable

Am working now on finishing a sewn wool fabric large purse- hope to have that ready to share in the next few days.


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Amazing! Like everything else you make :) I love the combination of fabrics (the sweater and purchased felt) with the laminate needle felting of yours that fascinates me so.

Where do you get your wool felt? (if you don't mind me asking) Jo Ann's "wool felt" has only a wee bit of wool and I haven't tried ordering any online yet. My husband has some ideas that I am thinking may work best with a wool felt base, so I need to get some (if I make a project for him once in a while, he doesn't get crabby about how much money I spend on "supplies" :) )

Glorious Hats said...

Hi Chipper, Aww you always say such nice things, thank you so much!

Wool felt - here I am living in a rural Minnesota - though in a big town for upstate MN- and the local quilt store , "Emily's" carries real wool felt. Well rayon-wool blend, but true non-woven felt. Some stores are calling fulled woolen fabric felt - bummer.

Anyway, with the felt, Emily cuts the bolt fabric into 3 yard pieces and pre washes it, so it is ready to use. What a fantastic service. Some fulled woolen fabric won't ravel and acts much like non-woven felt, but lots of it does get raggedy on the raw edges. But if you have wool jersey knit that often fulls beautifully and seldom ravels.

We also have a local Jo Ann's and a Ben Franklin Crafts - both also have wool felt but like you mentioned, with very low wool content and even after washing is less beefy than Emily's wool felt.

100% wool felt cost between $70 and $100 a yard. So I have very little of that. Emily's runs around $8 a yard.

Anyway, look for non-woven wool felt, 20% or higher wool content mixed with rayon.

Your husband sounds wonderful, well worth a few projects. :)

Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Thanks for the info on the wool felt. I may just try some of the Jo Ann's stuff to see how it works. I found one place online with sheets of 100% wool felt but the price keeps me from trying :) I wasn't sure how the wool/rayon mix would work. Now I know to give it a try. I may even look for a quilting store around here (oh my husband is at work right now but I know his left buttock just shivered from the impact on his wallet ;) like I need to be shopping at another specialty store)

ps I left this comment to you on my blog but thought I'd post it here to so you wouldn't miss it :)
thanks for checking my blog out and feel free to visit often!
"This blog was started to keep the fam updated with the fam's happenings, but since I took it over (Brewer was really bad about posting) it has become a little bit of anything and everything :) You feel free to stop in and "intrude" anytime!!! I post my many crafting attempts frequently.

I had thought that I changed my sig line at craftster. Thank you for reminding me that I hadn't. It is done now.

thanks for coming to check out Gollum. He was quite a bit of work, but I did grow to love him. I almost didn't send him to my secret pal, but finally decided to ship him off. Now, I'm just nervously waiting to hear what she thinks of him :)"