Friday, September 08, 2006


First a set of cuffs created in a coproduction/collaborative effort with Binding Twine She created a polymer bead style which she calls "yarntastic," and sent 4 of them to me to see how they would play with fiber-- oh it was good! It was great to get a focal bead with a large bore. Loved stringing the yarntastic beads on felted ropes and made three cuffs in the rope fashion. Nuno (laminate) felted outside layer and was going to leave it as a minalmist cuff, but the inside was a bit picky on the wrist and the focal bead needed more substance behind it so added an inside layer of soft commercial felt - ah yes that looks good and feels great on the wrist. All three are up on Etsy - two in my store and one in Binding Twine's store.
The fourth bead, simply resisted the rope style, it demanded a fancier more complex background. It got a flower garden, the leaves are nuno felted all the rest is commercial wool felt and vintage buttons and beads. Binding Twine liked it so much, she is keeping it. YES!!

Staying in cuff mode, came up with these primal beauties.
Wool on Wool in an adapted penny rug style - so called by me for the layered raw edge circles and bands and the use of fulled salvaged and mill end wools. Then added vintage buttons and beads. Will try these in the Grandma's Attic Booth.

Have a few more ideas for cuffs, but vered off into making some rose brooches. Stay tuned - those are almost completed, should be appearing here soon. :)


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

These are great! I have made lots (and lots) of cuffs for the kids, but mostly just crocheted cotton ones. They love them cause they are "superhero arm bands!" (said in booming superhero announcer voice) I've tried a couple of wool variations but I guess I'm not a cuff girl so I just can't seem to get them right. When I'm done throwing myself into the hat making world, I may have to give them a try again.

Asheigh Buck said...

amazing! i love these!