Thursday, October 12, 2006

1960s on Display at Grandma's Attic

Mod Squad a Go Go is the latest them for vintage items at my booth in Grandma's Attic. It is challenging to get enough items of ladies hats and accessories to do a great theme display, so have been saving some of the pieces for a bit. Just love this all from the make-up cape to the marshmellow gloves and White felt Go Go helmet.

Thought those of you who live far and wide might enjoy a tour of the rest of the booth. For now have most of my handcrafted items in one spot. Sometimes vintage and handcrafted are intermingled, sometimes displayed in groupings. Though of course, because so many reconstructed items and hats turned into more flamboyant chapeaus are in the bunch, it gets more than mixed up.

Another spot for Mens' stuff.

And a wire grid shelf/stand that faces out into the asile. It lets lots of light through so the goods can be seen pretty well. You can also see into the booth and the back wall with the glass case where the fragile and more delicate hats, bags and jewelry are displayed.

There is a bit more, hats, scarves, stuff but these photos perhaps are enough and give you a a little peek into "The Hat Box." Hope you enjoyed the visit. It was a pleasure sharing it with you.

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Anonymous said...

ooooo! such a great peek! Last vacation-Leah's store. Next vacation-yours? hmm. sounds like a plan :) Thanks for the look!