Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Beads add so Much

Both the hat and gloves are commercial but the beading is done by me. By hand. Using a mix of new glass beads and some vintage beads (maybe glass, maybe plastic but pink and pretty.) Living in the midst of three Objiway Reserves - Red Lake Nation, White Earth and Leech Lake provides a wealth of beadwork to inspire one, local stores that carry beading supplies, and exposure to traditional beading techniques. The beading techniques I use derive from this as well as from dressmaking and quilting techniques. Natural bees wax is used to coat the thread, make it waterproof and more durable.

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Anonymous said...

You just posted twice in two days!!! My NaBloPoMo ways must be rubbing off on you ;) (thanks for the great comments lately. they definitely helped me keep posting til the end)

The beading looks great.