Friday, November 10, 2006

Laminate Felted Design on Beret

A wondeful package of coordinating hand dyed fibers arrived from Daniela of Felt Studio, heaven!

I had already begun laminate felting a rose (yes that is suppose to be an art deco style rose, LOL) on a purple wool beret. So had a work in progress ripe for Daniela's exquisite fiber colors. The previous colors became the base, overlayed them with a lavender roving, then finished it up with wool, silk, viscose and locks from Daniela'a fiber set.

The leaf was created seperately, hand beaded then hand sewn in place. Oh Daniela, I do love the fibers you sent. Thank you so much for creating custom fiber sets for me. The bits of silk and viscose add such lovely accents to the wool roving. The matching locks are fabulous. Oh it was fun to embellish this beret. Hope you all like it too.

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