Thursday, November 16, 2006

Strictly Sewn or back to my Roots

Sometimes one just need to get back to their basics. For me that is straight sewing. The hat and bag here are done with all straight stitching - lots of straight sitching. For construction, for shape, for deocration.

The hat is based on a 1930's brim hat pattern, with a few design alterations and construction changes. The bag is based on a vintage bark cloth knitting bag. I looked and looked at that bark cloth bag at Grandma's Attic and then came home and used some of the design concepts to create this red handbag.

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Anonymous said...

(what's wrong with me? I usually comment the very first day of one of your new projects. there are no excuses) ;)

These are beautiful! I love the sewing. I almost bought a new purse the other day and then realized that I could sew a more perfect-for-me purse in almost no time. Thanks for helping to remind me! :)