Thursday, December 21, 2006

Plain or Wild - Two to Choose

My sister requested a neon orange polar fleece hat - wool irritates her skin. Also, unlike me, she does not relish hats. No polar fleece in my stash. So here is what happened: a headband of orange wool, backed by heavy cotton chamois flannel. Hopefully the heavy cotton flannel will keep the wool far enough away from her skin to make this comfortable and wearable.

One basic quiet,or as quiet as neon orange can get.
One made spiffy by needle punching lime and red roving into the orange wool. Yep used the Embellisher (home needle punch machine.) The hairy brooch can be removed. Have sent photos to her to see if she wants either one, or both.

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Anonymous said...

they are great! I've been thinking of making spring-ish headbands for the girls. Now I have some inspiration. :)