Sunday, December 03, 2006

Recycling Art or Dumping Stuff on my Sister

February 2006 some of my art was in a collaborative exhibit in Bemidji's local community Art Gallery. The show theme "Issues of the Heart and Soul." One of the installation pieces The Juggler was an attempt to portray chance, to illustrate we do not always have control: sometimes events fall into unexpected sorrows, hurts; sometimes into unexpected joys, good. It was an interesting piece to create and show. But who would want to buy such a thing? So The Juggler got dismantled and exists in components throughout my home.
My sister Jeanne, a Methodist Deaconess maintains a blog Daily Grindas part of her work at Wesley UC. Now, IMHO, this woman writes thoughtful and interesting articles. Sharing thoughts, concepts, passages, poems to provoke contemplation. Hey, maybe she would find these three soft sculptures worthy of meditation. They are on the way to Cincinnati. Will they end up as: Christmas tree ornaments; hanging from a ceiling in her home or office; or some other fate?

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