Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Supporting Players

Here you see Richard, owner of Sew & Sew, and Frank my husband. We are all at Richard's shop hovering around this fabulous sewing cabinet. It is destined to house the Pfaff sewing machine purchased from Richard years ago. Hurray!

These men are supporting players because their skills free me to sew on. Richard has always been helpful with keeping the machine sewing smoothly. He is very knowledgeable, willing to share information and is super at servicing the Pfaff machine. It goes to him about every 18 months for general maintenance, at a minimal cost, plus he is always willing to work out same day service so I do not need to make two trips to Park Rapids (just under an hour away from home.)

Frank provides money and muscle and was willing to take the farm truck on a road trip to pick up this cabinet. It was too noisy to chat over the engine noise during the ride; allowing lots of creative ideas to float about in my head. Now just to actually work on those concepts. Well should go easier with this fabulous table.

However we have yet to transfer it from truck to Nook.

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Anonymous said...

the cabinet looks beautiful. I have an aunt in New Mexico that got some sort of cabinet that includes a lift for the machine. She just has to tap the shelf and the machine glides up ready for sewing, or down, putting itself to bed. Yes, I have jealousy issues.