Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Tranquil Nook aka Jane's studio

Good fortune, a frugal husband, and saving over the years equals a free standing studio. It is a small modular home set in just this past summer next to the Equipment Barn on our farm. The opening photo shows the sewing arena (the living room part). You can see more in progress work with olive and rust. Am just whirling with those circles and spirals.Next is the wet work & cutting area (the kitchen.) Long ago took over the husband's marvelous drafting table, covered the top with a large cutting matt and viola the perfect work top. The pressing station is a long table with a padded slab of plywood. Over by the window is a regular ironing board - sort of a staging place for vacuuming and cleaning vintage hats and other items. Easily converted back to serve as real ironing board when needed. The cupboards hold lots of supplies, glues, pencils, millinery and feltmaking equipment. And for beauty as well as service hat blocks parade on top.

With my stuff out of the main house, our cats have the full run of their home. And the studio is cat and wood heat free so I no longer worry about sending things off that might set off allergies. Thus far it is working out well for all of us.


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Yowsa!!!! Now I understand why you once said "you could stay with my in the studio. it has it's own kitchen"

Spectacular!! RIght now I have space under the picture window in the front of the house. Some wooden boxes filled with roving, yarn, fabric etc all stacked with tons more stuff, like the sewing machines. Then there is the rubbermaid totes in the basement with more yarn, fabric and fiber. Someday, I will have a room and I will be happy with it, but you may have just totally ruined me for anything less than a house of my own ;)

ogsnacker said...

holy...cow...that is amazing. I just felt on my kitchen table that has war wounds from too many crafting accidents.

You could have a snack and craft!

Glorious Hats said...

Of course, I've been married and saving for longer that either of you has been alive, so such a studio is not out of your realm either. It took the ground work of time, thrift and also good fortune.

Ha ha snacker, so far no food has entered the studio. Just a few bottled waters in the frig.