Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wet felting Beads

Another wet felt making adventure -- BEADS. I love the wet felted bead and glass bead necklace purchased from Snacker so much. Wear it lots and receive many comments. Snacker has other necklaces and beads available on Etsy if you want some too. But back to my making wet felted beads. Thought it was time to try making some fiber beads myself. So got out some general white batt, some merino roving in various colors, a bucket of water and some Murphy's Oil Soap, sat in front of the television and proceeded to roll up wool fiber, wet it, soap it and roll it. Yes, yes, yes...... it worked. Am so pleased with these beads. Went to town and got some glass beads: hope to put the felt beads and glass beads together soon.


Verito said...

yupi!!!! your felt beads are really beautiful... i will be waiting to see your necklace...;)

Happy new years for you Jane!!!


ogsnacker said...

wow! dread locks! beads! you are on a felting adventure.

your beads and colors are exquisite!

now post that necklace! tee..hee..he..