Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another Felted Bead Necklace

Most of the green and the multi-color beads have become this necklace. Mixed with some greenish-bronze glass beads and findings. The beads are strung on doubled button-hole thread that has been drawn through natural bee's wax. (One traditional Ojbiway method of water-proofing beading thread.) The findings are relatively inexpensive from the local Ben Franklin Crafts store. They are nice, but not high quality metals. One of the next things on my list is to locate higher quality findings. If you have suggestions for sources, types- do let me know. Sometimes there are vintage findings that can be salvaged from broken items, but not too many of those available to me, and sometimes they don't fit the style of the fiber necklace. Ah well, a goal for 2007. As always thanks for visiting.


ogsnacker said...

Pretty cute: try out They have an extensive listing and a wide range of prices.

Iona Loyola said...

Love this...I am also into felting beads... I live In NYC so its easy to find many stores around...if you want some adresses I can get you... now my question what size are your felted beads on this necklace and the glass beads? ...maybe later I will add some of my new projects...if you have time come and take a look...Happy Felting

Glorious Hats said...

Hi iona loyola, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. How wonderful to be so close to so many stores. Thank you for the offer. I did get out to Grand Rapids, MN last weekend and to a big bead store. Came home with some nice sterling silver findings. Hurray!

To answer your question. The felt beads range from a diameter of 1 inch to the smallest of about 5/8 inch. The glass beads are a large seed bead.

I did visit your blog and enjoyed it very much. Going back now to let you know I've answered your question.

Again, thanks for stopping in - do try the felted beads. they are fun to make and to use.