Thursday, January 11, 2007

Button Rain, Button Shine

Always on the lookout for ways to display vintage buttons or neat projects for the home crafter or 4-H crafter, this idea popped into my head.

First came the cloud then to balance it, out came the sun.

Lots of re-cycling or salvage in these two. Plus lots of sewing techniques. The blue buttons are relatively new, the yellow buttons vintage treasure. They are suspended on monofilament fishing line.

These two are destined to brighten the "store front" at The Hat Box in Grandma's Attic. Definitely need a face lift during this brown Minnesota winter.

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Weaver said...

Those are perfect! Here, the kids decided to leave the Christmas tree up and decorate it for Valentine's Day, so they've been cutting out hearts. We dug out some heart beads too but hadn't thought of how to use them yet. I'm thinking hearts on top and heart beads hanging down. Thanks for the great idea! the shop window will be beautiful!