Saturday, January 06, 2007

Trillium in Wool

Many of the Felting Board regulars from Craftster are making felted flowers. One of the moderators, Jane Doe, has a wedding in April. Because Jane D lives in Australia, many of us will not be able to fly or sail to attend. So Chipper set up a felt - a - long, where we all work on flowers and plan to send many of them to Jane to use in decorating the Church, the reception, et cetera.

Trilliums sparkle throughout the forest floor during spring in the Minnesota north land. I wanted to share a bit of this beauty from my home with Jane. The wool trillium: White mixed batt for the petal bases, a little ivory wool yarn for detail - first hand needle felted then pounded harder with the Embellisher. A vintage floral stamen and a bit of floral tape finish the blossom.


Weaver said...

So stunning!!!

jane_r said...