Thursday, February 01, 2007

Needle Felted Hat redone with Wet Felting

You may remember the needle felt hat and purse from a few months back - well - I was never really happy with the the shape of the crown. So after much thought, decided to attempt a reshape through wet felting. Placed the needle felted hat on a plastic hatshapers form, wet the felt down, soaped up my hands and started rubbing. Lots of rubbing, then rinsing, and fulling. Fulling shocks the fibers and makes it grip together more tightly - it is a fun stress releasing phase because you throw and slam the hat around. Then rinsed it again, returned it to the hat form and shaped it over the form, let it dry. Ahhhhh, YES. This shape is better. It was fun to take a needle felted hat one step further with wet felting.

Next being on a roll with felting flowers, made another trillium to adorn the hat.

In the future, I'll still do needle felted hats - some will stay needle felt alone, but now have opened the door to wet felting them as well. It is wonderful to have options.

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Weaver said...

I thought it was beautiful the first time around, but it is stunning now!