Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rabbit Puppet

Meet Mr Rabbit, a totally hand sewn puppet, made from reclaimed wool, buttons and perle cotton. His creation purpose is to teach running stitch - the black dashes on ears and paws. Running stitch also makes the the outside body seam. Muzzle gives a brief introduction to backstitch. Buttons were lesson 1, thus eyes and nose provide a refresher. The ears are separate pieces attached to back of the head with an X in a box. Whiskers stay in place with knots inside and out. One little puppet, lots of learning. The face and ears are based on a drawing by my 9 year old student, and are added to a basic puppet pattern

Here are the instructions for making this puppet:
Rabbit Hand Puppet

Basic Supplies

Wool felt fabric for body
Scraps of Pink felt for ears, nose and paws
perle cotton floss - or embroidery floss -
may use sewing thread for edges and ears.
freezer paper
buttons for eyes or scraps of black felt for eyes

How to make it.

1. Trace the pattern pieces onto freezer paper.

2. Iron freezer paper pattern pieces to the wool felt.
Cut out the shapes.
Peel off the freezer paper.

3. On the front-
sew on buttons for eyes & nose or
cut felt shapes for eyes and nose - sew with a running stitch.
embroider muzzle with a stem stitch or a back stitch
make whiskers by leaving long thread tails on knots
felt circles for paw pads - sew with a running stitch

4. Make ears
put pink felt on top of outer ear- sew with running stitch

5. Sew ears onto the wrong side of back with an X in a box, using running stitch.

6. Put rabbit front on top of rabbit back - wrong sides together
pin together
sew all around the body - use a running stitch or a back stitch close to outside edge start at one button edge going all around the body to the other bottom edge. Leave bottom open.

7. Press puppet - shape ears while warm and damp from the steam - let dry before moving.

8. Put on hand and have a show.

Comments, suggestions for making these instructions more clear, are welcome and appreciated.

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