Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sew on Target: Needle Work Set

Have been working on this set for a while. This is the second try - not showing the first. Ha ha - it was definitely a prototype. Inspired by mentoring a 9 year old in needlework. He is in 4H and exploring a range of sewing methods. He is also in 4H shooting sports- archery. So I came up with a theme of Sew on Target. (OK- groan now.)

I believe he thinks this needle work set: sissors case, beeswax/thimble pocket with emery arrowhead, needle book, and pin cushion. Worked in Penny Rug style, fulled woolen fabric, is a bit ambitious and repetitious. Dang! It sure looks nifty neat to me. Well maybe a lot to chew for a 9 year old. So am backing up a bit. Did some searching on 4H projects - though could not find much specific information. Still, have come up with a new plan. Start with a sampler - non-traditional of course. Then a hand sewn puppet, then a bib for his sister's new baby boy, then maybe before fair time we can even get to this spiffy needle work set.

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Weaver said...

very cool!