Saturday, March 17, 2007

Taking a Class

Wool felt is so nice - found an online class at Joggles , Sue Bleiweiss is the teacher. Two weeks into the class and having lots of creative adventures. The purse above was the first project. The purse pattern is one of Sue's patterns, the applique is my own design using die cut birds and leaves, hand cut hearts.

Week II lesson was on embellishing wool felt with machine stitching. First project, a CD case - Sue's pattern and embellishment technique - but again the applique design is all Jane in form. This is suppose to abstractly represent nephew Al, conducting an orchestra. Can you see the arms and tuxedo tails flying? Or do you see an angel or butterfly? Something else?

Project 2 from Week II was making felt beads and creating a necklace. If you want to see bead detail, click on the picture to enlarge. At first it seemed bound for failure, kept working it and eventually this emerged. It actually has a loop behind the large jingle bell and could be used as an ID holder. Am pleased with the end result.

In this project learned about a very nice light yet strong iron-on fusible. Thanks to Sue for a well organized class, good designs, and fun projects.

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