Friday, April 06, 2007

Altered Fabric Amulet Pouch/Necklaces

Always fascinated by pretty & practical - what is neater than a necklace that can serve to carry standby help (house/car key and money for taxi or phone or ID) or can hold a note, quote, word or charm to empower one's spirit. These neck pieces are crafted from altered fabric:dry laminate felt; heat-set fusing of fabric, ribbon, yarn pieces ; and completed with beaded and sewn embellishment. Pouches have a shiny luxurious lining. The process is a combination of the nuno felting, sewing, beading already in my skill list and a take-off and pushing further of heat set fusible techniques recently learned in an online class with Sue Bleiweiss. The pouches are a bit shy of 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall.


Sue B said...

These are lovely! I especially like that one on the right.

Glorious Hats said...

Hi Sue! Thanks so much. The one you like is the pink one? Yea! It was really cool how the dyed shells and blister pearls added to the laminate felt and heat set fused base. The cording and shells are all vintage finds. So fun.

Alpaca Granny said...

Jane, these are awesome. Your sense of design is so excellent.

Glorious Hats said...

Maple, Awww, Those very kind words mean so much! So appreciate that you took the time to comment.