Monday, May 14, 2007

Kumihimo braiding - Oh FUN!

At The Shepards Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival this past weekend we picked up a small Kumihimo kit from the Weaver's Guild of Minnesota and have since completed three trial cords. We went to learn nalbinding and are practicing that - but were fascinated by the Kumihimo and found it faster to learn.

I made two of these, husband made one. Finally something we can both do. Hurray!

The neat thing here is that my husband got really enthused about kumihimo- he remembers his grandfather making steel cord cables using a similar technique in the late 1940s. The family business was construction and Granddad was one of a few cable makers in Nebraska at that time. Most of the cables he made were used in grain elevators. When Granddad got too old to move the reels of wire, grandson got to tote those reels. The similarities peaked husband's interest and enthusiam.

The other thing is that while one can obtain very fancy and expensive stands to make kumihimo braids - simple braids can also be created with an easily cut form and perle cotton threads.

My goal is to make some fancy purse straps. It is going to take a bit more practice before that goal is reached. So on to braiding.


Anonymous said...

Oops -- "peaked husband's interest" means he climbed a mountain; it's actually "piqued".
Which can also mean irritated... :-)

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks for the edification.