Monday, May 28, 2007

Nalbinding Learning Curve

Whoa! This is taking some effort. Do not know if that is because this is the first knotting work I've ever seriously attempted (do not knit or crochet) or if I'm just a dunderhead. Still the feel of the yarn, the smooth wooden needle and the play between using a simple single tool and one's hands is fascinating. Also, the feel of a finished item is really neat. The texture, the bit of stretch - I like these stitches or knots better than crochet or knit. Anyway these are a bunch of goofs - am keeping them to prove to myself that progress is being made and the work is improving.

Not great but stuff I'm willing to use and wear is here -----
Another pouch, plus a wrist cuff and headband. Am getting better at starting the chain. Still struggling with a clean finish. Plan to full the bag just a little and line it with fabric. The bands am using as they are.

Found a video on the Oslo stitch - which is the one used in these so for your viewing pleasure you may wish to check it out.

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