Friday, June 15, 2007

Art Card Adventures

Swimming in a new pond. Could not resist that wording - sorry :). Between the EtsyFAST Challenge and the Craftster ATC makers have continued to explore art cards both for trade ATCs (art trading cards) and for sale ACEOs (Art Cards, editions and originals). The ACEO format is great for testing ideas, for showing altered fabric styles; for sharing in a small way fiber art pieces.

The complex fish card uses lots of techniques and materials. It began with altered fabric.

The process:
1/ began with base of mottled blue commercial wool felt
2/ punched wool roving into the base using embellisher
3/ heat fused a few odd loose shapes of wool felt and cut bits of wool felt onto the top
4/punched acrylic yarn strips into the conglomeration again using the embellisher
5/heat fused tulle on top
6/free motion stipple stitching with rayon thread
7/ cut shapes (I cut 16 one inch squares for a swap, 1 sized for an art card, 1 for a bracelet, 1 for a picture... you get the idea)

Ocean Fish- art card was further embellished with machine stitching a novely yard to the edges; hand embroidering with perle cotton, and beading. It was then quilted to a plain background rectangle. Phew --- added a cardstock back and finished.

In contrast here is Pond Fish --
Ocean's country cousin. A more simple wool on wool embroidered applique. BUT - ahhhh, the embroidery is done in silk yarn hand dyed by Linda and came from over the ocean and lots of Europe to get here. Which do you like best? For me, the mix, the differences are what makes working with fiber so much fun and so interesting.

Thanks for reading and for visiting here today.


Knitted Gems said...

I've heard about punching roving into your wool items (from 2 sewing shows I watch), but I still haven't tried it. It looks like it would be so much fun. Do you do it by machine or with just the hand-puncher? I might have to try it ... at least it would use up the roving in my yarn stash that I bought when I was sure I was going to learn how to spin. Three years later, it still sits in my stash.

So, my favorite of your ACEOs is the felt fish with the bubbles. I love your use of colors and the fish is adorable.

Looking forward to next month's challenge!

Glorious Hats said...

Hi, thanks for visiting here.

Yes, punching the roving into a knitted item would be a super fun way to use up roving. It can be done by hand punching alone- just takes more time than by machine.