Saturday, June 30, 2007

Basic Straw Hat for Working in the Rose Garden

Wow! sometimes amazing things happen. A lovely woman from California tracked me down from a free web site (that the hosts stopped supporting years ago, but in which fragments of the website I set up remain viewable- yet un-changable as I can no longer access it). Anyway, she saw some more highly decorated straw baseball style caps AND had been unable to find this style in straw anywhere else. It turned out she was searching for a straw without a back brim, but a largish front brim to shade face and eyes while reading outdoors or working in her Rose Garden. That lead me to create this Basic Straw - subtle color in straw and band so as not to attract bees and bugs. Plus an inside sweat-band in cotton for comfort.
The base is a pre-formed straw - and it was just a lucky quantity buy some years ago on ebay - so still have a number of these bases in a variety of colors on hand. To finish it the inside & outside bands are formed and hand sewn in by me.

This hat is now on the way to California. Hope she likes it. Making it has also prompted me to make up a few more basic hats for working and playing in the great outdoors. Have another inside band sewn and should have the outside band done yet today.

Many thanks to this customer for her persistence in tracking me down and for inspiring me to do a series of basic work hats.

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