Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whoo, whoo, chugging into Depot Days

We have been bustling around here. But gosh 2 weeks without posting, Yikes. Time is escaping me. Did not seem like so long. Vegetables have been ripening in the garden so we have been freezing and canning; then the county fair- helped out in the home arts department; plus getting things ready for hosting a demo and sales table of our stuff at the Beltrami County History Center's "Depot Days."

The husband will be showing Kumihimo - doing 7 strand braiding on a small hand made disk. We will take a dozen kits to sell, and some gemstone donuts for those who want to make necklaces, plus many of his made up necklaces.

Felting will be my part.
Working on a way to demo and have a "make and take" for wet felted beads - in a not overly messy fashion. Gotta have the soap and water though for the feltmaking. Here you see some beads surrounded by the roving used to make them.

Will also take a few packs of ready made beads, some felt bead necklaces, and some soap in a coat to peddle. Have about a dozen bars ready. The dark ones are pretty, but darn they bleed dye, so will not be taking those. Have tried a vinegar rinse to see if that will set the dye and stop the bleeding. But won't be selling them until and if the bleeding stops. The light colors do just fine so am sticking to those for now.

We do not do many shows. Depot Days is a relatively small and friendly affair and fits our personalities. The main goal is to share history and traditional techniques. We are taking some things to sell for those who might like to have the ready made items. Our focus though is to share information on braiding and felting.

PS. the broccoli hat is done - just waiting for a moth hat pin to go with it. May not get that done until after Depot Days.


Knitted Gems said...

Good luck to you and hubby at the Depot Days! Let us know how it goes.

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks so much knitted gems!