Monday, July 16, 2007

Fiber lariets and a Beaded Butterfly Doll

The beaded butterfly doll brooch has been finished for quite some time. This is the first anywhere near decent photo of her. Capturing good images seems to be a bane. Oh well, will keep working on it. Plus maybe some day investing in a new camera will help too.

Am enjoying working on fiber lariets. Have 6 now each a bit over a yard long. Posted two a while back and now have completed two with a green twisted cord base. Explore more with the wool felt beads with each lariet. Adding more surface design components.
In this last one, added some needle punch of wool felt and yarn with free motion stippling over the top - am really liking the look of that.

Each bead is hand sewn closed. The leaf medallian/pendant also has some yarn punching and free motion work.

Two are at Grandma's Attic. Am thinking of listing these last 2 on Etsy. But to do that must get some better photos. Will have a g at that today. Have sold one so far at Grandma's and kept the first one for me and wear it often.

Am thinking of going looooooooonng and making some fiber boas.

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