Sunday, August 12, 2007

Depot Days Report

Yesterday was Depot Days, small, just right for beginners at craft fairs. Because a selling focus makes me nuts and hawking wares is difficult, turning the focus to sharing information about ancient crafts and how some of us carry them on today allowed me to stay cool and collected. Made a goal to earn some money for the History Center by doing a make & take of wet felted beads. Secondary to sell some of my own handcrafts of finished items.
See me, talking about traditional wet felt making - and working on making a bead. The young woman was the first to take up the bead making gauntlet. She was very good with the fiber and left with a well started bead. People learned to tease out the fiber, to roll the ball, to get it well into the felting stage. Then the bead went into a plastic bag and they left with instructions oral and in writing to do the fulling stage and finishing at home.

Only 3 people actually made their own beads, but a number watched the process and listened intently to the patter AND made donations. The History Center provides canning jars as donation buckets - the husband was crowing all the way home about how our jar was the fullest. A great experience.

Somehow with sharing information it was also easier to turn to the finished product and say: "here are ways the wooly beads can be used and other things that can be created by wet feltmaking." Lo and behold, most of the packs of already felted beads and most of the felted over soaps were snapped up.

The husband got to tell people about hand braiding cords using a disk. He sold 5 of the kits he made up. So we both ended up with some nice sales. Met some of the other venders, had a great grilled chicken sandwich for lunch, were entertained with square dancing and belly dancing. An all around good time.

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Knitted Gems said...

I'm so glad you and hubby had a good time ... made some money to boot. Congrats!