Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kumihimo Kits some visuals for 8 slot disk

We are putting together the kits and some printed instructions. But though it would be nice to add more photos here for those not at Depot Days to see the husband's demo and for those like me with short memories .

Tie a knot in one end of equal lengths of 7 strands of perle cotton thread or craft floss.

Poke the knot through the center hole.

Set threads 1 each in 7 of the 8 slots on the outside of the disk.

Place empty slot pointing towards you while holding the knot in your left hand.

**the back of the disk will look like so - knot is centered in the hole

Pick up the 3rd thread on the right (the 2 o'clock position) with your right hand and place it in the empty slot.

See here - the red thread has been moved to the previously empty slot, leaving the 2 o'clock slot open.

Now turn the disk until the empty slot is in facing you once again.

See how the red thread is now in the 10 o'clock position. And the burgundy thread in the 2 o'clock position.

Again Pick up the 3rd thread on the right with your right hand and place it in the empty slot.

Bet you are getting the drift. ;) yep - next is another rotation and repeat repeat repeat until you can repeat no more.

When you have reached the desired cord length or have reached the ends. Carefully remove the thread ends and tie a knot in the end to keep threads from unraveling.

Measure desired length. mark cutting points, treat area to be cut with fray check or another product or method to stop ends from fraying when cut.

Cut the strand to length. Attach crimp ends or finish in method desired.

** notes - The method will work even if you do not rotate the disk - however the braid will be loose rather than snug and tight.
-A constant pull on the knot using the left hand and maintaining a constant pull on the cord will result in the most even and tight braid.
-Start with threads about 2 times as long as you want the finished cord - this may vary depending on the fiber content and thickness of the thread

It this is not clear ask and we will try to make it better. Thanks so much.

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