Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yikes - Photographic Panic

Well, in the never ending quest to improve photographs tried to make a better photo shoot site. Oh Oh, took a plunging downward spiral - had some really awful photos - blue, overexposed, muddy -- oh my. Worked some more on the set up and changing lights, reading again about light boxes, exposures, online and camera manual. Finally managed some with acceptable color and clarity, but still not beautifully crisp and clear and spot on color. Will keep fumbling along and trying more stuff. At any rate at least have gone from this
to this - better, still not great. Will keep snapping and arranging. Wish me luck or give me tips to more effective photographs. :)

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Knitted Gems said...

People spend top dollar to get blue-tinted pictures. **smile**
The bottom pic looks like the upper left corner is getting washed out by the flash. Try taking the pic with the flash off. You may want to drag the balls over to a window that the sun is shining in just to keep the pic from being too dark. Good Luck!!