Friday, September 14, 2007

Road Trip brings Beads Home

Since the husband has gotten into making necklaces using the kumihimo cords, he wanted to take in the Rings and Things road show in Minneapolis last weekend. Thus we traveled down to the cities and back on Sunday. He picked up lots of semi-precious stone beads. As for me, choose a variety of beads to blend with felt beads and lariats. Not sure where he is stashing his finds. So you just get to see the beads destined for felt. Lots of ideas are swirling in my brain.

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Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

On my, those beads are gorgeous! I'll bet the inside of your brain is pretty gorgeous right now materials spawning brilliant ideas, most of which will never make it outside the cranium. It makes me absolutely high to get great materials, I can't sleep, and ideas whiz around my brain faster than I can capture them in detail. (Which is why I said they'll never make it outside the cranium.)
Just before you fall asleep, does your brain ever throw up a fast pace slide show of creations? Mine does; I know I've never seen the creations in reality. Materials and creativity seem to cook together while I relax and then "ding!" like a great recipe coming out of the oven, there it is in my brain.
The next morning I can't remember any of the details though!
Can't wait to see what the beads become. Your site is part of my creative "spice rack", it sometimes flavors my project just seeing what you (and others) make.
(I'm still stumped on the tag'll come some day when I least expect it!)