Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Feather Medallion - Custom Work

An amazing thing has occurred this month. Three custom work orders through Grandma's Attic. The first was a replacement of a frayed ribbon hat band - of which there is not photo record. The second was the moose patch base ball cap reported in an earlier post. The third is this feather medallion added to a smart velor fur felt. The owner of the hat thought it just need a bit of something on the low brim side. She was not sure what it needed, just something classy and small.

So I came up with this feather medallion. Choose the black rooster tail feathers and the shiny glass beads for their sheen to pick up the sheen in the ribbon band. Wrapped the feathers in luxurious fulled black cashmere to work with the lush velor felt.

The intent was for the flow of the feathers and angle of the medallion to accentuate the lines of the hat brim.

I am pleased with how this worked out and looking forward to hearing the customer response. Hat is at Grandma's Attic awaiting pickup.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Classy to the max! Oh I just love the whole caboodle, the beads, the cashmere, the angle. Wanna start offering them on your entsy store?

By the way, in New Orleans I saw hats trimmed with feathers that had been lightly gilded with gold. It was subtle but elegant.
Silver, copper and bronze came to mind ASAP. Just imagine the sheerest overlay of paint. Worth plucking a few feathers from a featherduster to experiment with, don't you think?

I love feathers. They are all over the fashion pages, but few people seem to know what to do with them so they don't look burlesque.

You inspire me with your efforts!

kuki.deprada.net said...

Wonderful trimming, the curve of the feathers follows the curve of the brim beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

PS: I posted on my blog yesterday about your work...had to give a hurray about you and Cristina's work. I hope that's OK with you...
Someday maybe there will be enough of us milliners to have a Millinery ring, like all the other crafts have. Someday...

Glorious Hats said...

HI Jill, Oh gosh, it is more that OK, it is really nice of you to write about my work. Thank you so much.

Also very much appreciate the idea of selling medallions on Etsy. I will get busy on some and on some long hat pins too. Ones that are sharp and will go through a felt hat.

A blog ring for milliners sounds swell - there does seem to be more of us each year.

Hugs, Jane