Monday, October 01, 2007

Refashioned Hats

Artist Mercantile Funky to Fancy Hat and Handbag show
Sent a representation of the types of hats I make: refashioned hats, handfelted hats, sewn hats. Each was paired with either an original scarf or a handbag.

Here are the Refashioned Hats

"Edgy" with "Stone Heart Art Scarf" -- this set is to wear when you want people to keep their distance. Beautiful, yet prickly. Edgy started as a recent vintage Liz Clayborne wool felt with upturned brim. Refashioned with tall wool band, hand shaped & beaded. Scarf is fulled woolen fabric.

Classic beret with a twist: "Art Deco Rose Beret" with "Multi-color Fiber Lariat." Vintage wool beret given a lift and new life; cleaned, then embellished. Art deco style rose created by punching hand dyed wool roving and locks directly into the fabric of the beret. Glass beads hand sewn to the center tab form a stamen. Hand crafted wool leaf sewn to side.

Multi-color Fiber Lariat
Multiple fibers meet to create a fun lariat. Rope portion is a braid of rayon twisted cord, strands of hand spun wool yarn, + acrylic hairy yarn. Altered fabric beads of wool felt and yarn. Leaf medallion one end. Large loop on other end holds medallion. Add personal charms or ID to the smaller loops as desired.

Saucy and Elegant: "Autumn Flair"
Brown wool felt, cleaned and refashioned. Added internal headband. Sculptured wool tweed hat band, vintage button & new tassel.

Autumn Flair Scarf
Wool on Wool surface design, minamalist style. Bias cut burgundy wool crepe base; brown wool tweed random dots. Tweed bits are needle felted into the crepe for a bold design one side and a soft design on the reverse side. Each dot also hand tacked in center with wool yarn. Edges are frayed. An easy care, comfortable, light, warm scarf. Wash in laundry bag, use wool wash, cold water, gentle cycle, lay flat to air dry.

Only for the Bold: "Flower Girl"
Great quality Sak's Fifth Ave. retro wool felt with internal grosgrain band. Arrived sad & bedraggled. Raggedy original trims removed, base responded beautifully to cleaning. She perked right up & shouted "I want to be over the top & ready for stylin" Refurbished with new ribbon, a big flower, original Marie Hamre beaded and tatted dragonfly. She is feeling fine.


Sue B said...

I just love your work!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

That beret just knocked me out! Love the Edgy idea too, and the large leaf...and the combo with scarves...what a gallery of ohh and ahhhs!
Hope your show was blockbuster sales...

Knitted Gems said...

Wow! You've outdone yourself. They all look great.

Glorious Hats said...

Thank you all very much for the kind words.