Sunday, October 07, 2007

Refashioned Sweater

More refashioning. Here is a recent vintage sweater embellished with hand spun yarn (almost the last of the "minerals" yarn from Daniela in England. Daniela hand dyes roving then spins it into the most gorgeous yarns. The colors and the textures are amazing. In addition, Daniela Kloppman, is a lovely young woman.

This nubby knit sweater fabric holds the needle punched yarn very well without additional couching. It used to be that I hand needled the yarn in place, then went over it with the embellisher machine for stronger consistent punching force -- have worked with the machine enough now that am able to skip the hand placement and freemotion the design right at the machine.

The design carries around the neck at the back, but at the hips starts and ends at the side seams. So no hip level design at the back to attract the eye to hip level. Sweater is shown here hanging in "the Hat Box" with one of the fiber art lariats over one shoulder.

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