Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Saving Vintage Linens by Making new Bags

Had this pretty embroidered and hand overcast satin stitch scallop edge pillowcase sitting in the TV room for over a year. Draped over the back of a board, it was worn through and torn in the center (where head rests when sleeping), but could not bear to throw it out. Don't know why it took so long to upcycle it. But it just did. Made a couple of raspberry scented felted over soaps last week to give to two local friends who were so supportive and positive about my taking hats to Artist Mercantile. Then decided the soaps could use pretty packaging. Ah HAH - my eyes lit upon the torn pillowcase and saw two bags. A bit of stitching, a bit of ribbon and viola two gift bags appeared.

The felted over soap is actually a bit lighter in color than shown in the photo. Looking forward to thanking these two friends with these sets.

Being pretty happy with how the bags turned out, am now thinking of using up some of the stash of Christmas fabrics for reusable gift bags; and delving into the box of stained and torn linens to see if any more potential gift bags are hiding in there.


Weaver said...

all the things you've been posting are soooo great!!! the vacation threw a wrench in my commenting, but as always, you blow me away!!!

as for the reusable gift bags, that's what we use for Christmas presents. I've got bags of various sizes. some have drawstrings, some don't (sometimes I'm more lazy than others ;)) I also watch for hankies to be on sale at Hobby Lobby and stock up on fun holiday themed ones and pretty flowered ones. One of those and bit of handspun yarn and a small gift are wrapped beautifully. You're vintage bags make mine look pretty sad but I do really love walking right by the wrapping paper at the store, especially in the next few months. Good luck making more gift bags!

ccmhats said...

Great to find your site!

I love old linens, and LOVE the term "upcycling" (where have I been?)...

Thanks for the great idea!

Liska said...

That's cool. I'm pretty plain with wrapping gifts, you know, gift should be funkier than the package and since my gifts are boring, I stick to grey paper but I like things wrapped nicely at least to look at.
As for recycling, I have plans with that sweater that's still in the washing machine:P future cat bed or two.

Nikki said...

What a great idea! You are very creative. I will check out your etsy shop.