Saturday, November 10, 2007

Girl's Apron and Drawstring Pouch

Apron based on A 1940's Vogart pattern

It is always a challenge to sew from vintage patterns. There were scant instructions (typical of Vogart patterns), and some of the terms have migrated meaning over time. While one does not need to use period techniques, it is part of the fun for me. I like figuring out what methods were used during the era, and think about the types of sewing machines, findings, sewing areas, women of the time might have experienced.

There was barely enough fabric left over after making the first prairie bonnet to make this apron. Thus the pocket (click on photo to enlarge and see pocket more clearly), was fashioned from the piece cut out to make the neck hole. Then there was a piece about 15 inches by 8 inches - so used that to make the drawstring pouch with a fulled wool scrap as the base.

These projects got me to dust off the rolled edge hemmer foot and the bias binding foot. I love thinking that these two types of feet have served so many women over the years. Some of the best info available on use of these feet is in books from the 1920s.

Truth to tell, am just tickled pink with this apron and pouch.


Knitted Gems said...

I'm so glad you made up this apron. I just love it! It's so darling. Thank you!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Cute apron. I really like the felted bag to go with it.

I am sitting here gape faced that you used your bias foot and rolled hem foot. I have those things on my 1976 Sears Kenmore machine and they always just gave me fits.

Lucky, lucky you that you got yours to work.

Glorious Hats said...

K Gems, Yay! am so pleased you like it too, thank you so much for encouraging me to go forward with the apron idea. Am so happy to have accomplished it.

thoughts on life and millinery, You too can master these feet. There are some tricks. for the rolled hem the best book for me was one by Carol A. Lauflin (not sure of the spelling - will bring the book back from the studio tomorrow) something like "Fine sewing by Machine"

The bias - I think I got from a video for the sewing machine I have, borrowed it from the dealer years ago and no longer remember it clearly. Also from vintage books by Clarks and by Singer. Those are the cats meow on these technique.

They are so much fun to use when one gets going with them.

Weaver said...

I'm so in love!!! They are so cute. I would totally start wearing aprons if I had some that darn cute!