Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jester Hat in Polar Fleece

It is unusual for me to use polar fleece, but it sure works well for some fun winter hats. The mannequin head here is pretty overwhelmed - the hat is an extra large size, but still you get an idea of how fun the points are on this hat. It will go into Grandma's Attic tomorrow am for a young man to try on. His aunt told me he has always wanted a jester hat and has never been able to find one large enough to fit.

Oh Oh, those words were a challenge to milliner me of course. So worked out a pattern with 24.5 inch head size. Tried it out with some fleece on hand. This will be a draft - if it fits and he wants it, hurray. If not, ah well, it has been a fun experiment. And I think it will sell either to someone else at Grandma's or on Etsy.

The red balls on the tips are red felt beads.

I'm still smiling, as this was delightful to create and quite different that the usual crafting.


Knitted Gems said...

What a joyful, fun hat! I love it.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Somebody is going to be making many people laugh...and to think that you made such joy possible.
Kudos to you for taking on the sizing challenge and making a hat that fits!

Oh, and we're looking at heading up to College Station for the big dust up this Friday. Can't afford tickets, but maybe we can catch some of the excitment by being in town and then catching the game on TV at a sports bar. Hope it works out got me inspired!

Nikki said...

This hat is absolutely adorable. It makes me wish I could sew. About 4 years ago, I begged my husband for a sewing machine. It sat in the box for almost three years. Last Christmas I used it for the first time. It has been in the box ever since then. They say practice makes perfect, but I'm just not good at sewing and I don't think I have the patience to practice enough to get better. Yikes!

Lynda Lehmann said...


How adorable this is, and so well made! A fine job!

Thanks for stopping by at Peripheral Vision...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pam Ayling said...

Ive been searching for a fleece harlequin hat ever since I tried a friends on that was from Jack Wolfskin, it was in brown and had a paw print on. I really want one just like it or a pattern to make one myself...can you help..Pam