Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another Small Purse

Just a quick show and tell. Here is the small purse with the needle felting. The one started on the Sunday craft day while sharing with a friend about needle felting into a boiled wool or knit felt base. The white is all needle felted, did outline it in black needle felting, but later enhanced it by embroidering with perle cotton to obtain a more glossy outline. And of course, could not resist adding some glittery glass beads.

For those who like details - here is the underside. You can see how the roving migrates through and ensnares in the base fabric.

1 comment:

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I'm probably just being odd...but I kind of liked the frosty look of the underside.
That probably makes you feel like I feel when someone tries on one of the hats that I made...backwards...and declares it is just perfect.
What ever floats your boat, right?

By the way, your comment about reading my blog first thing really perked up my day. I always feel like I have had a special treat whenever you post something new. Delicious to see creativity in action!