Monday, December 10, 2007

Flight of Fancy - A new series

The first Flight of Fancy was a gray beret with green feather medallion. It received some nice compliments online and sold quickly when sent to Artist Mercantile. I also liked how it looked and enjoyed making it. Luckily, was able to acquire 4 more nice large berets. Here is a rich brown one. Finished it up on Friday and shipped it off to Artist Mercantile with Damsel; and a group of hat pins.

This week am working on more feather medallions and Flight of Fancy berets. Plus more hat pins. Am thinking of calling the hat pins "hat sticks" as they can be used solely for adornment or for function. The stems are strong and sharp, they actually can pierce commercial felt hats as well as fabric hats and hand felted hats.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

No wonder it sold immediately. You do the BEST feather work! Classy...some feather works slips right into burlesque, you know what I mean? Your feather embellishments are elegant.

The hat sticks are just the thing to had a touch of whimsy to the blah hats that people tend to acquire. I also think they could be used as wands to tap people in need of a burst of creativity.

Thanks for sharing Jane. The two pictures made me smile.

Knitted Gems said...

I love these hat pins! They are so fun and funky.

I must say that I prefer to buy classic hats (boring?) and dress them up with pins and scarves.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hi Jane; I especially wanted to invite you to my place for dinner tonight. I hope you can come, and please would you wear your new hat?
Just come on by my blog tonight when you can...we'll wait dinner until you can come!

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Jill, your input means so much. Am also working on some feather medallions to sell just as medallions.

Yay! Knitted gems. Am planning to add a few hat sticks to the etsy shop. And you comment increases my hopefullness that they will be a welcome addition and pick up an audience who likes basic hats and just wants ways to change up the basic from time to time.