Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Refashioned Hat

This was a gorgeous hat with velvet on the crown and lots of netting, unfortunately - it was attacked by Jack - a dog. After the death of the original, the owner bequeathed it to me. Here it is cleaned, reformed and totally changed into a modern damsel hat. My feelings about Damsel have been all over the place, from thinking is it marvelous to thinking it is awful.

It seemed as though the making of felt beads would never end- took 3 sessions to get enough beads to go around the crown. Lightly felted roving on top of the brim, then the novelty yarn, then hand sewed the beads in place as well as the roving - don't want it all to lift out in a stiff wind.

Damsel is now on the way to Artist Mercantile, so letting the market place decide if she is wonderful or awful.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I think the hat is adorable, but it just break my heart to have the brim flip up and hide even a single one of your marvelous felted baubles!
Dang! They deserve their own show.

Consider a cocktail hat: a circle covered with the balls, various sizes, the disc pressing against the forehead, tilt or dish hat style.

Bubbles...on the forehead! The perfect hat to wear whilst sipping champaign on New Year's Eve.

Glorious Hats said...

Oh Jill, too funny about hiding the baubles. Though maybe this is a hat for short women and can therefore be appreciated by tall men. The top down view is really the best. There are multiple views at
for anyone who might like a better idea of Damsel in all her sides and glory. :)

Your idea of a cocktail hat is awesome. Guess who will be rolling felt for the next week, once again.