Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meet Shirley Gilmore

At Blackduck History and Art Center

This is Shirley, in front of 3 of her works. She is also a retired RN, now an artist. Shirley's main media is photography. She also does some digital altering to give photos the look of water color paintings: the lady slipper painting is one of those. The other two are straight photographic prints. I am really impressed with the colors, composition, and style of Shirley's work. Each one is beautifully matted in a way that enhances the photo - Shirley does the matting too.

It was so much fun to get out and drive up to visit with Shirley and tour the Art and History Center. Shirley is one of 4 primary artists exhibiting at the Center. They also host guest artist shows. The history side is a warm and homey museum centering on life and times of local people.

Blackduck History and Art Center is located at Main Street and Margaret Avenue in downtown Blackduck, MN. Winter hours are: Thursday and Friday 1-4 pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm. 218-835-4473


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Love reading about and meeting women in a second life profession.

Some gals even kick into a third stage of creative gusto at 80. Whoo whee...yea for your friend!

Glorious Hats said...

So appreciate the comment. Yep, Shirley is amazing and I am awed by her talent and energy.