Sunday, January 13, 2008

Progress Notes on Take It Forward Challenge

Here is an idea of where the doll is going. The face and flower are just set on for the photo, plan to sew them in place after the body is beaded.

Keeping up with 250+ participants in the Take It Forward Challenge is in itself challenging. Some blog progress, some post on flickr, some do both. I am doing both. It is nice to keep an album on flickr dedicated to the challenge, easy to find and follow photo progress. Blog articles are nice for sharing thoughts along with a few photos.

Of course, two of the components of being in a challenge are the interaction with others and the opportunity to follow their work. Right now, I'm doing that in a rather haphazard way. Visiting Sharon B's Blog most mornings, and following a few comments on TIFC to participant blogs. Also pop in on the flickr group several times a day - as that is quicker. It is important to me to comment on work too. When people take time to share work at this level, I really like to acknowledge them and their work.

Now on the creation coming from my hands in the January Challenge. So far have worked solely on the concept challenge. Probably will not get to the color challenge.

You got a little background and thoughts on development last week. Since then have begun to work on the doll. I've found that while it is easy to tell about what I've made: that log is pretty clear in the line up of photos in my flickr TIF album .

This is the beading on the body as of a few minutes ago.

It is not comfortable telling why I'm making some of the choices or the meaning for me behind the choices. Have discovered two feelings regarding the disclosure. 1. Liking to maintain the privacy, not laying out those inner thoughts and feelings. 2. Liking to have people react to the work without preconceptions. I'm not sure ideas about art ought to be directed by the artist. It is rather nice to have each viewer generate their own response base on just what they see.

So that is where I'm at this week. Thanks for following along.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Beading is to me what knitting is to so many others. As the plain fabric is covered over with the glassy sparkle and color, I feel brighter somehow.

I often bead when I am coming off of an unpleasant passage of life.
Maybe the string and stitch work gives me a small sense of control?

Random thought...just thought I'd share. Interesting how you feel the need for privacy as you create. I'll be thinking about that.

Tiggie FOC said...

You are stuffing it with catnip aren't you?

Add a cat, and you'll not only have art, you'll have performance art.

lee said...

I hadn't thought of making a doll for TIF - my work seems to be flatter these days. I like the face a good deal.


The doll is most unusual, I like the fact it fits in the palm of your hand - its almost like a talisman.I feel it has a Native American feel to it.

Glorious Hats said...

Oh Tiggie, No, already too attractive to the felines and although the beading is strong with two passes of thread through any one bead - it just would not withstand claw and rip power. Plus beads are not so good for cats to swallow.

Jill, thanks for your thoughts and when you bead. I actually just like to bead - but go slowly as if I get to intense and bead for days at a time, my wrist hurts. So have to force myself to intersperse it with other things.

lee and embellisher, Thanks so much for stopping by from the TIF callenge.

Barbara Hagerty said...

This doll is beautiful ART! I am in awe of your little creation!

juanita sim said...

Hi Jane, I am glad to know that others are also hesitant to share thoughts on process. I like this challenge though because all are doing the same. I think we can still keep *some* of our secrets for ourselves (smile). I find that writing about what happens as I'm working connects me more strongly to what I am doing and some of the 'why' of the piece. Thanks for your comments on my TIF posts. Now, the real challenge is in following everyone else's progress! I look forward to seeing your beaded doll in transformation.

Pat said...

I love what you are doing here, very different. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.